Wednesday, 20 January 2010


One of the 5 steps of mental health first aid is to Encourage self help strategies; the E in A.L.G.E.E. Thank you Sue for this.

“Just had a student who has found that writing poetry is a great release of his frustrating emotions connected with his disability. He popped in to my classroom, said an idea had come to him, he grabbed a piece of paper and has just returned with a very thoughtful piece of writing. In his words, it helps him unload. I am encouraging him to keep them in a book and may make a great 'Collection' if he chooses”.


  1. This is something i have always reccommended to others if they are feeling stressed, upset, depressed etc, as i find it works so well for me - I have always found writing down how you are feeling in diary-form, poetry, prose etc, to be most thereputic and often is of great de-stressing benefit.
    It does not necessarily make you feel completely better straight away but it is a process that can really help to get your thoughts in order/helps you make more sense of what it is you are thinking & feeling.
    Over time or even straight away in some cases, this process, through hindsight (looking back at what you have written previously)can lead to greater insight & understanding of;
    * Yourself and how your mind works/how you react to situations
    * What your stress-triggers are, even how to avoid them
    * Your coping mechanisms (or lack of them)
    * How you have dealt with situations in the past, & how/what you have learned from past experience.
    Whatever your reasons for putting your thoughts & feelings on paper, I cannot recommend and encourage it highly enough. I'm sure any who do will find it of great benefit, even comfort.

  2. Elizabeth thank you so much for this comment. Some how I think putting emotional burdens onto paper reduces if only a little the emotional weight on your heart. I am happy you have a voice here; I think you will help many people with your insights.